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Georgios Kalcas, who also goes by Thomas Kalcas, is a landlord with a lot of unresolved anger management issues. His favorite technique is to yell and accuse his tenants of things that are not true to get them to break their lease, then he tries to collect on future rents (after he has already rented the unit out to someone else).

He also collects deposits from potential tenants with a promised future move-in date, but then he lets someone else move in first and will not refund the deposits. No matter what the person who has been scammed says, Mr. Kalcas accuses them of being unstable, having anger issues, and being crazy. In psychology this is called "Projection".

If it was not so painful, it would be funny. We are fed up with his tirades and antics so we are all looking to move. If you are considering moving into one of his units you better think twice!

There are a lot of nice landlords. Don't fall prey to an evil one like Georgios Thomas Kalcas!!!

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He is a professional cheater. Stay away from this guy


This guy is a completely fake and fraud. I lost $1700.00

Hampton, New Hampshire, United States #995313

yeah, that happened to me, this guy is a fraud

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